Prospect Hill Cemetery
Our Nation's Capital's Historic German-American Cemetery
Established 1858
           The Cemetery Today

Burial sites
Prospect Hill is still a working cemetery. Burial sites are available;
in some cases descendants of those buried here can be buried in their family plot.
For information concerning fees for a plot or a burial, please contact:
Joe Connell, Superintendent Prospect Hill Cemetery
2201 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-667-0676

Marker Plot Markers available
Markers are available to identify unmarked lots that have been purchased; markers may also be placed on burial sites of ancestors where no regular head stone was ever installed.
The Plot ID number contains the Section ID for the plot, and the map below shows the locations of the several sections. These markers should be particularly useful for out-of-towners who, knowing the plot number and the area within a section where the plot is located, can visit the cemetery at their own convenience on the days it is open, and find the plot.
Plot markers can be ordered by using the Order Form on the Publications and Donations page. The price is $35.00 each, installed.

Map of the cemetery sections
click on map for larger, printable copy (pdf file)
PHC sections